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bodywork specialists

Bodywork Specialists in Staines-upon-Thames

The Highest Standards

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Bodywork Repair Services

No matter what vehicle you own, our professional team will be able to come out to you and complete the job to a very high standard. Please read about our services which are all included below.

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Car Dent Repair
scratches around a wheel arch
Vehicle bodywork repair

Dent Repair

Whether another vehicle has hit you or a shopping trolley has left a dent in your vehicle, with our specialist equipment and experienced team, we will be able to restore the look of your vehicle.

Scratch Repair

It's never a nice feeling when you have a scratch on your vehicle. We have a specialist team in place that is able to clean up your vehicle and make those unsightly scratches a thing of the past.

Bodywork Repair

If you want a hassle free bodywork repair at an affordable cost, please get in touch with our mobile repair team at DentGone who will come in and fix the appearance of your vehicle.

Our Services: Services
Car respray
Alloy Wheels
Car headlight repair


Do you want to cover up a nasty scratch or just give your vehicle a new lease of life? We have the necessary tools and equipment to come out to you and finish the job quickly and safely.

Allow Wheel Refurbishment

Have your alloys taken a beating? Why not let our friendly team get them cleaned up and looking like new? We are able to work on any vehicle, no matter how big or small it is.

Headlight Restoration

Do you want gleaming headlights once again? Our professional team can use our specialist cleaning equipment to clean up and dry your headlamps so they are free of any contaminants and look like new.

Our Services: Services

Book Your Repair Today

Are you ready to book your repair with DentGone in Staines-upon-Thames? No matter what vehicle you have, our team of bodywork specialists is very happy to come out to you and complete the job. Visit our contact page or give us a call to make your booking with us. We look forward to repairing your vehicle.

Our Services: About
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